Daikin Air Conditioners for All Your Needs

At MJE Electrical Services, you can find an amazing range of Daikin Air Conditioning Brisbane at affordable prices. Daikin units are strong, efficient and ergonomically designed to fit any interior. You can find air conditioners with higher output in Kilo Watt range, reverse cycle inverter split system for saving more energy here. Daikin is truly an industry leader in meeting a wide range of air conditioning around the globe. As a reputed electrical company we bring that renowned Daikin quality and efficiency to your home or office at a truly competitive rate.

We also have expert technicians for installation, repair, cleaning and advisory service. If you are unable to find the perfect Daikin type for your space, try our quote builder or contact us directly to find the perfect solution for your needs.

We are accessible via phone on 1800 749 997, or feel free to drop an email for any queries. We will be happy to serve you with our amazing range of service. Come and join us!